How to train with a pitching machine?

If you want to be good at your game, you need to practice. Actually, you need to practice a lot. Baseball, softball, cricket, whatever be it, the pitching machine can be a great help. It is very helpful, mainly because you do not have to keep a pitcher engaged during your practice sessions. With the pitching machine, you can practice anywhere you like, anytime you want.

How do they work?

Many pitching machines are hand fed, meaning that you have to manually insert the ball into the machine before it makes a pitch. However, now you can also get hold of a self-feeding pitching machine. This will allow you to concentrate more on the batting and do away with a volunteer to feed the machine.

If you want to make more out of your machine, then invest in a machine that delivers soft toss, airtee, and a pitching machine all into one. Such machines are a great value for money and the perfect equipment if you are more bent on improving your batting skills. You can have it placed in your backyard, garage or the basement and go on with your practice. Very soon, you will be able to see significant improvement.

Benefits of practicing with a pitching machine

If you are looking to rock the upcoming sports season, a pitching machine can be your greatest aid. These machines are engineered so as to throw different types of pitches. A batter is no good if he can only perfect one style. If your opponents get to know your weaker side, he will obviously take advantage of it, after which, you will have no chance of winning. Therefore, it is mandatory that you keep yourself ready to face all sorts of challenges. You never know what awaits you in the field.

Pitching machines can throw both right and left-handed curves as well as a drop ball for the softball players. The machine is engineered in such a fashion that it challenges the player at every stage of practice. You will never what type of pitch you are going to get next. The pitching machine is applicable to anyone, right from the beginners to the advanced players.

The repeated onslaught of balls will greatly improve your reaction time and the random orientation of balls will help you achieve a better hand eye coordination. Not only this, you will have a better idea about the swing dynamics of the ball. Therefore, owning a personal pitching machine goes a long way in building up your confidence. Over the time, you will be able to exactly predict how your hit is going to turn out.

With a pitching machine, you will not have to deal with foul pitches or whiffs. It will just give amazing pitches every time. You can adjust the frequency of the pitches, speeds, and distance of the pitch according to your convenience. The machine can offer a versatile, real game experience. Every player who has practiced with a pitching machine has admitted amazing results. So, get ready for some extra hours of practice and be prepared to face the big game.

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If You Want to Be Fit and Healthy? Try These Strategies to Help Keep You Motivated

You’d have to be motivated in order to stick with an exercise program. Exercising regularly can be made hard by having a busy schedule. Doing the same fitness routine again and again can cause boredom, and this is the reason many people stop working out. You can prevent this by varying your workout. Today, you’ll read about a few tips on how you can stay motivated — motivated to start a workout program or motivated to stick to the one you’re on right now.

If you don’t feel energetic when you work out, you’re going to have a hard time staying motivated. Perhaps you’ve got low blood sugar. While you don’t want to exercise right after a heavy meal, it may be helpful to eat a healthy snack before your session. Try eating fruit — doesn’t matter if it’s dried fruit or fresh fruit. Trail mixes that include some high protein nuts are also good. Natural supplements designed to provide more energy are also available and you can take them before you work out. If you enjoy working out in a particular environment, chances are you’ll exercise consistently. Places where you can exercise can be the gym, a park, or a room in your house. For example, the gym can be motivating for some people who like exercising in the company of other people. Other people don’t feel comfortable in a gym setting so working out at home is what motivates them best to exercise. You may find that working out free from the confines of a building is much more pleasurable. If this is true for you, then enjoy some outdoor activities, such as biking, walking, or running. You can also get some new workout clothing’s to keep yourself motivated. Choosing comfortable surroundings is an important part of setting yourself up for a maintainable exercise routine.

There is no reason you should start a fitness program all by yourself. Let friends or family members know about your plan. Who knows, one or a few of them may be interested to join you. You and others can set times for when you work out together. You can even join the same gym and make it a point to meet up and work out at the same time. This is an excellent way to keep your motivation up because you have others to exercise with and talk to about your fitness goals. In this setup, there’s a good support system.

Hopefully, you are now thinking of some things you can do to motivate yourself to stick to an exercise program. It is far more common to sit on the couch thinking about how you’re going to start exercising tomorrow that it is to go out and exercise. Take it one day at a time, understanding that it is much more difficult in the beginning than it is when your body gets in better shape.

Best Ways To Prepare For Bodybuilding Competition

Have you ever wanted to be a professional bodybuilder? Perhaps this has been a dream of yours all of your life. You should start preparing for this now, especially if the competition is coming your way. Getting ready for a bodybuilding contest is similar to any other major athletic event. By placing the date of the competition on your calendar, you have made the first step toward getting prepared for the competition itself.

The first thing you need to remember is that your diet needs to be very specific when bodybuilding. It is so important for those that are serious about competing. If you want to look cut, and defined, the quantity and quality of your meals is of utmost importance. If you want to avoid excess fat on your body, always avoid unhealthy carbohydrates and fatty foods in your diet.

Ingesting complex carbohydrates and proteins, along with veggies, is a good way to go. You should avoid drinking alcohol and watch how much sugar and salt you eat every day. It is absolutely essential that you drink plenty of water, especially if you want to feel good while doing these rigorous workout routines. Three months prior to the event, be very careful about everything that you ingest.

When preparing for a bodybuilding competition, you will probably be taking certain supplements to help you look and feel your best. If your goal is to bulk up, you will use certain supplements, and if you want to lose weight, you will use different ones. A supplement containing high quality protein is something all bodybuilders should be taking. Whey protein supplements are very effective, though you should look for ones that are as natural and pure as possible. If you are looking to gain strength and definition, then you need to be taking creatine. A nitric oxide compound or NO2, has been used by many bodybuilders, with good results, in building muscles and expanding blood vessels. The right supplements can give you an extra edge when you compete in contests. It is also not wise to do heavy workouts when nearing to the competition day. Do not carry heavy loads and stress your muscles as it may cause injuries. If you want to do some light exercises, I recommend doing squats. You can find some of the best squat stands for home here.

One key to success is to actually attend as many bodybuilding competitions in person as you possibly can before you take part in one. You will have more of a sense of familiarity with the whole process and, therefore, feel more confident and comfortable when you are one of the participants. You can soak up the atmosphere and observe the actual contestants. These are important to help you prepare for your own participation. Watching a competition on the television won’t give you the same benefits as soaking up the ambiance of an actual competition. When you physically attend a competition, you can easily gauge the impact the different contestants have on the audience, and why. Pay attention to the winners. See if you can identify what they do differently that makes them stand out from the other contestants. Before you enter a competition, do this important research to better prepare yourself. As a bodybuilder, you are part of a very exciting sport. When you enter a competition you, and the other contestants, get a chance to be rewarded for your hard work and to share what you’ve accomplished. The best way to gain confidence in this area is to enter a few competitions and give them your best effort. These early competitions are an important part of your learning and training, and that’s how you should think of them. You may actually win, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t. Either way you will be gaining valuable knowledge that will help you in the future.

Fitness Q & A

Scheduling Cardio Training into an Already Busy Training Program


I’m trying to add muscle mass, I”ve got a good diet, I do 4 days a week of weights (Monday,Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), but I play football on Sundays. Would I be able to do running on my rest days – which would be Wednesday and Friday – to keep fit for football?

Idai’s Answer:

A couple of things to consider:

*If you run on your “rest” days they are no longer rest days and you have no scheduled rest in your program. This means your anabolic hormone pool never gets a chance to recuperate and you face remaining stuck at the level of fitness and development you are at currently.

*If you increase cardio training it is contrary to gaining mass because the adaptation to running will compete with your weight training for your scarce growth hormone and testosterone which will result in no progress.

*Your muscle bulk relates closely to your ability to lift weights – if you can look at increasing poundages and/or reps in small increments of 2-3% weekly you are more likely to keep rogressing that if you try to make big jumps. Also, before you start this progression consider erducing maximum training poundage by 10-15% first, to make sure you can actually add to the weight lifted smoothly – for a few weeks before getting to your current maximum poundage. You’ll find the progression will continue even after you pass the previous poundage – but only if you cut back first.

*Consider adding running to the end of your gym sessions rather than losing a rest day.

*Consider running up stairs or steeper hill sprints as a way of doing cardio and leg strength work at the same time.